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[FRAUDE] Adesão Gratuita

[FRAUD] Accession Free

Atualizado: 14-11-2013 Este programa pareceu ser fraude desde que começou a tornar-se viral, é impossível alguém pagar os valores que eles anunciavam e não ter custos de adesão ou investimento. Agora sabemos que é mesmo, considere aderir ao LibertàGià! A empresa SurveyNoticias é uma agência que apresenta informações atuais dos meios de comunicação mundiais. Nossos clientes são proprietários de sites de notícias, que querem aumentar a quantidade de leitores e aumentar rating dos seus sites. Leia as notícias, obtenha informações atualizadas do nosso site e ganhe de $2 a $5 por cada notícia. Também existe um programa de referências neste site.…

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Summary: SurveyNoticias The company is an agency that provides current information of the world media.


Updated: 14/11/2013

This program appeared to be fraud since it started to become viral, it is impossible for anyone to pay the amounts they advertised and have no membership fees or investment. Now we know what is right, consider joining the LibertàGià!

The companySurveyNoticiasis an agency that provides current information of the world media. Our clients are owners of news sites that want to increase the amount of readers and increase their rating sites.

Read the news get updated information Our site and earn $ 2 to $ 5 for every news.

HideMyAss on Pedro Alive!

There is also a referral program on this site. Share your referral link on social networks and get $ 9 for each partner involved and get 10% of their daily earnings.

The system of bonus payments and allows you to get a steady income.


Why do I get paid?

Media want people to learn current news from your site and they are willing to pay for it. They pay for news readers and we pay 70% of that amount for their work.

How to start?

To start working on the site you should register and press "News"

How to receive money?

You can get the payment at any time if you have the minimum amount. For this you need to enter name, last name, and your account number in PayPal or AlertPay. Payments will be sent for 14 days.
The minimum payment is $ 350.

How can I earn more?

Program References State Account and give you the opportunity to increase their earnings. Engage new partners and earn more money!

What does "Referral Program"?

Share your referral link on social networks and get more wins! You get:
- $ 9 for each partner involved;
- 10% of the earnings of their partners.

PS: If the link does not work immediately after registration click, do CTRL + F5 appears however that the registration page.

*** We recommend that you do not put a password that is often used by itself, much less to own that uses the Paypal or AlertPay. ***

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Hi, this may be intersting you: \"[FRAUDE] Adesão Gratuita\"! This is the link:
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  1. Hi Pedro, Have you really received the payment form have you reached the $350 minimal amount an request the pay out?



  2. ola tamberm gostaria de saber se alguem ja recebeu alguma coisa desse sitema ai survey pq eu ja tenho 489 acho que é em dolar mais não consigo efetuar minha conta paypal por favor mr ajudem,,, obrigada”!


  3. Ola – Podem esperar sentados – Bom ano novo – Nunca pagam nem respodem aos mails – Abraço


  4. so where is the fraud? they promise money buth then not pay? they dont ask money or sensible data… I dont understand wath is it… I reach 800 euros in only one week and 35 refeals… my paypal account not get any intrusion or scam. maybe isnt a fraud but only a big JOKE ??? i didnt receive any money yet… web site registrer in Russia and server are in australia… i dont understand wath this site plan to do to users!!!
    they have web site in many countries same as survey noticias…


  5. Hello,

    I am working from last two months and send 1st requested $ 364.50 dated on 4/12/2013. but until now not yet recvd my payment in payza account.
    now i want to know this project actual or fraude
    and am i continue this site?
    pls confirm any guy.


  6. Hola a todos Yo vengo desde hace tres mese con esto de surveynoticias, he completado dos pagos y ya va ser un mes y sigue supuestamente en proceso de pago, la verdad esta pagina es un fraude y quisiera saber si alguien sabe como darme de baja, saludos y gracias


  7. well if you have a paypal account dont use the same password or email as surveynoticias because they would take your money, so basically they collect emails and passwords to try it on paypal and if it works I guess they would take the money and transfer it over to their account.


  8. Señores EMGOLDEX si paga 3.500€ al mes es la locura


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